“And he said, COME”

On the July 16, 1969, the fifth manned mission of NASA's Apollo program, the Apollo 11 spacecraft with three astronauts on board was launched from Kennedy Space Centre, in Merritt Island, Florida bound for the moon. On July 21 at 02:56 UTC, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step onto the lunar surface spending about two and a half hours outside the spacecraft together with fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Broadcast on live TV to a world-wide audience, Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface in an area known as the Sea of Tranquility and described the event as "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." They later re-joined the third astronaut Michael Collins in the Command Module and returned to Earth, landing in the Pacific Ocean on July 24.

Two millennium before this moon walk took place, the Lord Jesus invited Simon Peter to step out of the ship, not on to the Sea of Tranquility, but on to the Sea of Galilee which was experiencing a freak storm that had churned up its waters, to join Jesus as He walked on the water. The disciples had been constrained or compelled by their Master the previous evening to get into the ship and had rowed all night. It was now between three and six am in the morning and they were exhausted. They were troubled and terrified by the appearance of “a spirit” walking towards them on the water (Matthew 14:25-26). Let us examine what Simon Peter had to do in order for him to take that one small step to walk on the water to COME to Jesus.

1. Come: Conquer your doubts and fears, Peter. Fear has haunted the human race from the Garden of Eden until today. We may look at some people and consider them to be fearless. Read Full Article

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