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Elim: A Desert Oasis
15th March 2020

Elim: A Desert Oasis

Passage: Exodus 15:23-27
Service Type:
  1. The Exodus Experience   Exodus 12:40       Aleatory
  2. The Wilderness Experience Exodus 15:22   Deflatory
  3. The Marah Experience Exodus 15:23     Revelatory
  4. The Elim Experience  Exodus 15:27      Educationary

described as having 12 Wells & 70 Palm Trees

Which Came First? The wells or the Palm trees ?

Characteristics of the Palm Tree

  1. Growing upright
  2. Each and every part useful
  3. A tree not affected by drought
  4. Palm tree shows the place of water
  5. Evergreen tree
  6. Inability to graft
  7. Emblem of victory


The Word of God is our 12 Wells                                        John 4:13-14

The Book of James contains 12 Refreshing Truths

  1. New Understanding James 1:2-4
  2. New Source of Wisdom  James 1:5-7  James 3:15-17

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