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Living with Certainty in Uncertain Times
19th August 2018

Living with Certainty in Uncertain Times

Passage: Daniel 2:36-45
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1. Daniel's Priorities

Daniel's priorities defined him

His Passion, His Personal Purity, His Prayer Life, His Perennial Stature

a) One Thing is Needful
b) One Thing You Lack
c) One Thing I Do

2. Daniel's Prowess

His Skill and His Courage and Bravery

a) Not Going to Eat or Drink from the King's Table
b) Not Going to Worship The Image
c) Not Going to Stop Praying
d) Not Going to Stop Serving God

3. Daniel's Perspective

a) Living in the Time of the 10 Toes
b) Part Iron Part Clay
c) 10 Kings, One World Ruler
d) Mingle the Seed of Men
e) Many Running to and fro.
e) Some Believers will fall away
f) They who Know their God will be Strong and Do Exploits

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