What To Expect

We hope that this brief introduction to our services may be a help in planning a visit, particularly if you haven’t been to church for a while.

  • We hope that you’ll find us welcoming and friendly, but also able to give you space if that’s what you want.
  • We are used to having visitors, and people who just want to take a look.
  • We are delighted if people come who would not call themselves Christians.

Please feel free to join in with as much or as little of the service as you feel comfortable. Our two regular service times are listed below.

We hope that it will be a blessing for you.

Sunday 10.30am: Communion Service

At the 10.30am service we tend to have around 60 adults and 19 children. The service is informal and modern in its language. The music is mainly modern songs, led by our worship leaders. Please don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t feel able to join in, but want to listen to others. If you haven’t been to church for a while some of the songs will probably be unfamiliar to you, or you may not call yourself a Christian and don’t feel able to sing the words.

We start with Praise and worship till around 11:15, then have Holy Communion immediately after. Notices/Announcements are then given, followed by a sermon. The service generally finishes between 12:10 and 12:30pm.

Thursday 7.30pm: Prayer & Bible Study

During this meeting we go deeper into studying the Bible. We generally look at various topics/chapters of the Bible each Thursday, led by the Pastor. Sometimes we study a particular topic or section of the Bible over a number of Thursdays. We start with praise and worship and then have a dedicated prayer session where we pray for specific needs and general prayer, after which we have the Bible study. The Bible study generally finishes around 9:00pm.

What about children? We have regular Sunday School, and on a typical Sunday we have up to 19 children. Our Sunday School is divided into three groups based on the age of the children

–          “Bubbles” group for children aged 3-5

–          “Splash” group for 5 ½ – 8

–          “Xtreme” group for 9 to 12

The Sunday School children stay at the normal 10:30am service up till around 11am and then they go to their respective Sunday school classes lead by their group teacher for that particular Sunday. (This is not announced so please keep a look out for when the other children leave)

We use various materials particularly that from “Scripture Union” as our main lesson plan. See our Sunday School page for more information.

All Sunday School teachers are CRB checked. If you want to stay with your child in Sunday School while they get used to it, please have a word with the group Sunday school teacher for that day.

We also have special events for the Sunday school children such as “Special Family Service” every July/August where the Sunday school children lead in various parts of the main 10:30 service; and sing/lead special praise/worship songs to the whole congregation. There may be a puppet show, a play, recitations etc.

We are very committed to including the children in the life of the church and also arrange special events for them during the year.

What about babies and toddlers? There are usually a few babies and toddlers at the 10.30am service. We love welcoming children and are relaxed about a bit of noise in the service, so please don’t feel anxious. We have a room for babies and toddlers, where you can stay with your child and also listen to and watch the service. It is the room at the back of the main church hall. Please feel free to use it at any point during the service, to come and go as you need especially if your child gets restless,

After the service After the service we always have refreshments in the utility room which also leads to a back garden where we sit (when the weather is good). We would be delighted if you are able to stay to meet others.

What do people wear? People dress as they want, ranging from jeans and T-shirts to semi formal. There really is no dress code apart from being reasonably modest.

How early should I arrive? People start arriving 15-20 minutes before the service. Don’t worry if you find yourself running late – you won’t be the only one, especially at the 10.30am service, and no one will mind! Though we do encourage people to come to all services/meetings on time.


We have a free parking area just next to the church (on the left) on the property of Willows House which is for church use during our Sunday 10:30am service and on specific other occasions. Otherwise, there is a pay-and-display car park on Prospect Place, near the church.